Scrip is a fundraiser whereby band families and the band program earn revenue by purchasing gift cards.


What is Scrip? 

Gift Cards

Shop with gift cards in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants and more.


Earnings that Add Up

A percentage of each gift card purchased goes directly to your school or organization as a rebate.  Youe student receives 90% of this rebate to your student as an account credit.  The other 10% of the rebate is retained as a band contribution.


Fundraising Made Easy

Raise the money your group needs with no soliciting or selling.


How The Program Works

Families order gift cards or gift certificates from a wide variety of merchants that participate in the Scrip program. You pay for them at face value, they are worth their full face value and there are no additional fees.  Each month the band will purchase these gift cards on your behalf from a central provider at a discounted rate. These discounts range from a low of 2% up to as much as 25% from some retailers. 




You order a $250 Amazon Gift Card through our Scrip program.  Amazon gives a %5 rebate.  Your student receives $11.25 (90% of rebate total) in account credits and Jasper Band keeps $1.25. This is just for purchasing a full face value of $250 gift card! You can use your student credit towards our spring trip and the banquet and your $250 amazon card on their website!


create a Scrip account

  • Go to
  • To register a new account, go to the Register box on the top right hand side of the page and click, "Register."
  • Go to the bottom left box "Join a Scrip Program" and click on the box.
  • Enter Jasper’s code: F863716E5325
  • Enter your account information. If your last name differs from your child’s last name please use your child’s last name as the Username.
  • System responds with Jasper HS/Plano, TX

update non-profit as jasper band (previous users)

  • Go to
  • Log-in using your previously created Username and Password.
  • Click on heading "My Account."
  • Click on "Manage Non-Profits" at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.
  • If "Jasper HS" is not listed already, click on "Join another non-profit" and enter Jasper’s code: F863716E5325
  • If you are a member of more than one non-profit group, please make sure the order is re-set for Jasper HS/Plano, TX each time you order.

Create an Order

  • Click on "Shop" Tab.  You will be prompted to log-in.
  • Add cards to the shopping cart.
  • Check out when finished shopping.
  • Print your order 2 times: 1 for personal records, 1 for Scrip coordinator.
  • Write a check for your order total payable to Jasper Band Boosters. Make sure to write your student ID OR pay through Presto Pay (see below).
  • Put your check and copy of the order in an envelope.
  • Label envelope with your student’s name and "Scrip Order."
  • Put the envelope in the black box in the band hall prior to the order due date.
  • You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up.

presto Pay

Presto Pay gives parents the ability to buy the eGift cards online. You WILL NOT get the rebates until after each order due date, but you will be able to easily purchase and use eGift cards any time. The Presto Pay option will be turned on until the last order due date in February.
Parents will need to sign up to use it each year by entering their bank account information (information will not be available once Presto Pay is turned off in February). If tyou have ANY questions, please call Scrip customer service at (800) 727-4715. 

orders and payments

Orders will be placed once a month and should be processed and ready for pick-up the week following the order due date. You can place your order at any time prior to the order due date listed below.


No orders will be placed unless payment has been received!

Orders are due by the end of the school day on the order due date. Reminder notes will be sent via Charms prior to each month’s order due date. You will be contacted by e-mail once the group order has been received so pick-up arrangements for your individual order can be made.


Order dates for the 2019-20 school year

Dates are subject to change.  The deadline to drop your envelope with payment in the black box is 4:00pm. 
  • August 26 
  • September  23 
  • October 28
  • December 2
  • January 27
  • February 24
  • March 23 

Questions? Contact the SCRIP Chair