What is Scrip?

Shopwithscrip.com – an internet-based way for you to raise money for the Jasper Band and your band student, and the program does not require students to sell anything.  Scrip is a fundraising program that works while you shop.


Families can purchase gift cards through the Scrip program that covers a wide variety of national and local retailers. They are the same gift cards that you would buy at the store, but you buy them all online through Scrip and can use them for purchases at the store or online.  Use them for your regular personal expenses such as groceries, home repairs, appliances, clothes, restaurants, pharmacies, movie theaters, gas, and bookstores.  Plus, they make a convenient birthday, holiday, teacher, and special occasion gifts!  Everyone loves gift cards!


How does the program work and help us raise money?

It’s simple – Families like yours buy the gift cards for full face value, they redeem them for full face value.  The retailer gives a percentage of each sale (“rebate”) to Jasper Band Boosters.  From that rebate, 90% is credited to your account and the remaining 10% is a donation to Jasper Band Boosters.  For example, if you order a $250 Scrip gift card with a 5% rebate, $11.25 (90% of rebate total $12.50) goes into your account credit and Jasper Band keeps $1.25.  The funds credited to your account can be used towards anything you purchase through the band website - spring trip, band banquet, Tastes of the World dinner, all-region audition fees, jazz band fee, etc.

How to Order Scrip

All orders are placed online at shopwithscrip.com.  The first time you order you will need to create an account.  Please click on the links below to order Scrip.


Questions? Contact the Scrip Coordinator at scrip@jasperhighschoolband.com